Top 5 Tips for Holiday Travel Rookies

Top 5 Tips for Holiday Travel Rookies

Is this the first year you decided to take a tropical holiday vacation with your family? Or, maybe you plan to visit long lost relatives to share the holidays for the first time in years. These 5 tips will make your travel painless so that you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

  • Choose a Great Day to Fly

There are some spectacularly busy days to fly during the holiday season. If you choose a day that no one else wants to fly, you may save your sanity and some money. Consider flying on the actual holiday or on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of a Friday or Sunday. You can avoid lines, delays and harried travelers by skipping the peak travel dates.

  • Dont Worry About Parking

Start your trip off right by avoiding parking. You can hire a professional service like Arrow Prestige to take you to the airport in a comfortable sedan or SUV. Arrow Prestige’s SUV’s have plenty of room for your whole family and your luggage. You can save time as you are dropped off directly at the departures door. This will also save you the pain of steep daily parking fees. When you hire a car to bring you to the airport, you can have peace of mind knowing your car is safe at home.

  • Get There On Time

Another advantage of hiring a professional driver is they will know what time you will need to leave to get to the airport in plenty of time to check your bags, get through security and board the plane. They can also plan for traffic and are familiar with navigating local airports.

GateGuru is a great app that can keep you up to date on security line times and flight schedules so you can estimate about how much time you will need at the airport before your flight leaves.

  • Pack Snacks

You never know when you might hit a long line or need to board the plane before you had time to grab a meal. Pack snacks that can help drive away hunger and give you energy. Trail mix, granola bars, apples and oranges are all easy to throw in your bag and will give you plenty of energy to keep going.

  • Consider Baggage Restrictions

Gifts are an important part of the holidays, but they can be tricky to manage when you are traveling by plane. Consider shipping your gifts ahead of time so you won’t risk breaking or losing them on the plane. You will also have more space for your personal belongings and won’t have to pay extra charges for extra bags. Alternatively, you may want to open gifts at home before you leave on your trip. When you know all of the baggage costs and requirements you can pack well so that you won’t incur any surprise fees.

Start Your Vacation Right Away

These five tips can help you get through the airport smoothly so that your vacation can start the minute you leave home. Don’t be overwhelmed by holiday travel, enjoy every minute! Contact Arrow Prestige to start your vacation off right with reliable transportation. Visit our website or call