Prom Limo Service Rhode Island

Prom Limo Service Rhode Island (RI)

Imagine arriving at your prom in one of Arrow-Prestige’s luxury limousines! We’re experts at prom limo service in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

Besides being a fun way to travel, prom limousine transportation ensures that your prom night will be a safe and memorable one. And because you can share the ride with your friends – prom limos can be economical too!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prom Limo Rental

Can we share the limousine with other couples?

Of course! We encourage this practice to help you lower your per couple cost. We have vehicles that can accommodate up to 26 passengers, so you can actually split the charge with all your friends.

Can we bring our own music and/or DVDs to play in your vehicle?

I’m sure your taste in music will slightly differ from the chauffeur’s, so educate him to the new style. Most of our vehicles have DVD players so bring it on!

What is the minimum charge for a Prom Night?

We do have a six-hour minimum for service on prom nights. The vehicle stays at the prom site all evening in case you need it.

What is the deposit needed to book a limo for a prom?

We require a 50% deposit based on a six-hour minimum run.

How many stops can you make to pick up and discharge passengers?

This is your night. You give the chauffeur instructions and he will take you wherever you need to go.

Do you have certain areas that you will not take us?

We do not allow our vehicles to go to the beach.